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baby sleeping through the night
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Part-time nurse, full-time boy mom, lover of sleep.

Parenthood is hard… am I right? How do we do this thing well, raise awesome kids, and still maintain our sanity?


I truly believe it starts with SLEEP and I have found the solutions that will help you obtain it. Using my methods, you can have a baby that takes consistent daily naps and sleeps through the night. Seriously.


I live in Fort Collins, Colorado with my husband, Michael, and our three boys: Kepler, Crew, and Lincoln. Let’s get your whole family the sleep and sanity you deserve!

Taylor Fontenot, R.N., B.S.N.



Becoming the Next Baby Sleep Boss

This is a paperback or Kindle e-book that walks you through "gradual sleep training" and baby basics in the first year. It is different from other resources in that it is written in a chronological, week-by-week format and it is a light-hearted, enjoyable read. Learn how to become the next Baby Sleep Boss so your whole family can sleep & thrive!

PRICE: see listing on Amazon

What this includes:

  • 150-page guide to first-year baby basics and gradual sleep training

  • Tips and tricks for enjoying parenthood, maintaining your sanity, and thriving together as a family

Reading with Coffee

Group Classes

This is ideal for expecting parents in Northern Colorado who would like to prepare themselves for basics in "gradual sleep training" and baby care in the first year. Taylor will teach you The Baby Sleep Boss Method and answer questions that you have about what to expect after your baby arrives. Together we can prevent sleep issues before they have to be your reality!

PRICE: $50

What this includes:

  • Becoming the Next Baby Sleep Boss paperback book

  • 2-hour class taught by Taylor (held in Fort Collins, Colorado OR video call option)

  • Time and space to ask questions and connect with other expecting parents 

Happy Family

Personal Consultation

This is a one-on-one consultation ideal for the parents who have a baby (0-24 months) with sleeping issues. Are you exhausted and frustrated? Unsure of what to do next? Meet with Taylor in person or by video call to discuss what the goals are for your family and how we can help you achieve them. Rested babies make happy homes!

PRICE: $150-300*

What this includes:

  • Get-to-know-you Questionnaire

  • 30-60 minute consult with Taylor to discuss your goals 

  • Personalized Sleep Plan for your family

  • Two weeks of follow-up support via text or email*



The way Taylor teaches her method is simple yet profound... A little discipline in the beginning leads to freedom and flexibility later on. If your baby sleeps, then you sleep, and everyone is much happier!

Kristen K.
Fort Collins, Colorado

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Sleep-deprivation is no joke, y'all. I have been there... I have had the crazy thoughts... I am here to walk you through this season and help your whole family get a good night's rest... and then many more.

Sleep & Sanity coming your way!

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