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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Baby Sleep Boss Method?

The Baby Sleep Boss Method is a structured approach to "gradual sleep training" with goals to maintain sanity in your home and long nights of sleep for the entire family. With this method you will learn how to teach your baby self-soothing techniques so he can fall asleep independently (ideally alone in a crib). The belief is that, by providing small adjustments in your baby's habits, he can gently and gradually learn how to develop a daily nap routine and sleep through the night.

What makes your book different from all the other baby books out there?

First and foremost, I wrote my book with the mind of a nurse and the heart of a mom. I have been in your shoes and experienced the horrors of sleep deprivation that new motherhood surprised me with. I read every baby book I could get my hands on and found tons of amazing research written by (mostly) men using very boring and unsympathetic lingo. I simply didn’t feel supported. When I decided to turn my excessive notes into my own book, I wrote it in a chronological order in hopes that parents could follow along week-by-week, implement the concepts in a natural order, and gradually see their little one become a champion sleeper and adaptable addition to their family.

What does your consultation service consist of?

If you decide to book a consultation with me, I will start by having you fill out an “About You” questionnaire so I can learn about you and your baby. We will set a date and time to meet in person or by video or phone call and will spend an hour discussing your situation and what you hope to change. After our visit, I will develop a Personalized Sleep Plan for your family and deliver it to you by email. For the next two weeks (from the time of our consultation), I will be available to you for emotional support and guidance. I am available by text or email, Monday-Friday from 9am-9pm MST and will provide text responses within 4 hours and email responses within 24 hours.

Why is your consultation service so much cheaper than others found on the market?

Because helping families get better sleep is my side passion. I still work as a Registered Nurse and absolutely love what I do… However, I can’t seem to ignore this calling I have felt to help young families find healthy rhythms. The average cost of a baby sleep consultant is anywhere between $350-500 and while I don’t disagree that there is no price tag you can place on healthy sleep habits, I also never want my business to feel like a business to me. The cost I have set attracts families who are willing to do the work and make some changes, but I can walk away knowing I didn’t take advantage of them in their desperation. Other consultants on the market may provide fancier paperwork and flashy perks, but I strongly believe that I can help parents accomplish their goals in a simple, down-to-earth approach.

What are your beliefs on parenting?

I believe that a baby is to be welcomed into your world and thus adjust to fit it accordingly. I believe that a strong partnership between two parents is the hallmark to successful parenting and the love you have for your child comes second to this relationship. A baby thrives when he knows he is safe and loved with a secure foundation, therefore my methods will have a strong emphasis on the utilization of both parents in the sleep training process. This has proven time and time again to make for a healthier, happier baby and therefore a healthier, happier family unit.

What are your beliefs on crying-it-out?

Parents always ask if this method involves "crying-it-out" and I like to explain it like this: No parents like to hear their baby cry but will inevitably discover that small periods of crying are typically required in the learning phase as your baby expresses resistance to something new. The question I encourage parents to ask themselves is this: Is my baby unsafe or is he simply uncomfortable? I will never ask you to do something to your baby that feels unsafe, but he may certainly find this disruption to the routine a bit uncomfortable. That will simply take time to adjust to as he establishes new sleep habits.


By shifting your perspective from feeling like you are torturing your baby to understanding that you are training your baby (because you love him!), you can confidently love and support your baby through the process of learning how to sleep independently. We will focus our efforts on the big picture and the importance of solid sleep for the health and well-being of the entire family. So yes, this process does involve some tears... but the sooner your baby learns how to sleep well, the less tears there will be in the long run. If you are vehemently against the idea of letting your baby cry at all, this simply isn’t the right method for you, and that is absolutely okay.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly:

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